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Recruitment and Talent Management

Assess talent accurately, objectively, and quickly!

Yenibiris offers a comprehensive job management platform that reshapes the entire recruitment process. It helps employers fill open positions quickly and effectively.

EasyHR serves as your next-generation talent hunter. It allows you to manage the recruitment process from creating your career page to a candidate pool. EasyHR is also there for you after recruitment.

Begin your Employee Experience Journey. With Pisano EX's real-time reporting screens, you can manage your teams' engagement throughout the employee life cycle.

All the tools you need for connected, motivated, and evolving teams are on one platform. Make your employees a part of your company with a mobile suggestion system. Training. Feedback. Internal Communication.

CharacterIX is a next-generation inventory with three different question sets, working with a smart algorithm independently of cultural differences.

DISC|academy aims to respond most effectively to your human resources needs with all developed products and services, accelerating your business and increasing your efficiency.

Digitalize your HR: Determine your questions and case analyses, let candidates answer via video interview at the time and duration you set. Artificial intelligence evaluates candidates according to your criteria, allowing you to review videos and evaluations anytime and anywhere.

Smart Interview digitalizes job interviews, facilitating communication between candidates and companies. AI analysis makes the interview process more objective and efficient, helping to evaluate candidates' emotional responses, behaviors, and personality traits. This supports better and more informed recruitment decisions.

Education and Development

Your employees are improving their skills, increasing productivity in companies

Internal Trainer Development

Özer koç passionately supports the development of internal trainers with his online interactive training solutions and workshops, helping institutions and internal trainers create their own content.

Leadership Academy

Çağlayan Aktaş offers deep expertise in business strategies, leadership development, and organizational transformation, having held leadership and consulting positions in various sectors.


Emin Devrim Keklik's Pozitum specializes in leadership development and positive psychodynamic solutions, bringing out the potential of individuals and companies.

Neduu: An app developed to make education more social, interactive, effective, competitive, fun, and enduring.

Birebir İngilizce: An educational institution established by teachers who have taught English to individuals of various ages and sectors in the government and private sector​​.

Co-active Coach

Hazal Merve Akan offers personalized guidance to individuals and teams to achieve strong results and internal transformation​​.

Co-active Coach

Selin Gülez provides safe and professional co-active coaching services to uncover and support your potential​​.

Professional Coach and Consultant

Azer Karabıyık, the founder of T!NK Coaching & Consulting, offers professional coaching, development consultancy, training, and facilitation services to organizations and individuals. She has obtained the Adler Certified Professional Coach (ACPC) qualification from ADLER Central Europe coaching school and the Certified Coach (ACC) title from the International Coaching Federation. She is also an official facilitator for Points of You®, a producer of creative education & development tools.

Employee Engagement

Access all services from one place for motivated and committed employees. Increase your profitability and competitive strength with value-creating applications.

Special gifts for new jobs and promotions, available with same-day shipping options at Avansas​​​​​​.

Special gifts for new jobs and promotions, available with same-day shipping options at Hediyesepeti​​​​​​.

Sevdikleriniz için Kişiselleştirme seçenekleriyle unutulmaz anılar yaratın. İlk alışverişe özel 25 TL indirim fırsatını kaçırmayın. Hemen Sipariş Verin

Doğal yeni iş hediyeleri mi arıyorsun? İşe başlama ve terfi hediyeleri aynı gün kargo imkanı ile Datça Murat Çiftliği’nde. Yeni işe başlayanlar için özel hediyeleri hemen incelemeye başla.

Empactivo, which supports a culture of appreciation and gratitude to unite employees around common values and a shared purpose, includes gamification, rewarding, two-way interaction, and mobile communication modules

Measurement and Evaluation

Assess talent accurately, objectively, and quickly!

OKR, Performance & Competency Management, LMS, HR Backup - All in One Place!​​.

Peopleoma offers a comprehensive solution for HR management, facilitating all employee processes from recruitment to performance evaluation​​.

İnooster introduces a new dimension in motivation, performance, and productivity with a magical world of gamification combining technology and intelligence​​.

Neo Auvra, a digital health company, conducts immersive VR-based neuropsychological and psychomotor assessments to reveal individuals' cognitive, socio-emotional, and physio-physical health and postures​​.

Corporate Solutions

Our corporate solutions perfectly manage in-house experiences such as business trips, employee activities, and more, contributing to your company's success story.

Strengthen team spirit and increase collaboration among your employees with company sports activities. Istanbul Corporate Games organizes competitive sports events between companies to improve employee motivation and internal communication​​.

Metropol Kart is a leading service that allows companies to manage their non-salary employee allowances on a single platform​​.

Make your travel arrangements easier with Bizigo! Plan and manage your business trips, training conferences, or internal retreats with ease​​.

Support your employees' career development and unleash their full potential with Impulso. Discover personal development, mentoring, and career coaching programs​​.

Get to know Bir Yurdum Kitap to spread knowledge and culture in your organization. Support intellectual development with book reading campaigns for your employees, corporate library services, and rich book selections.

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